More About Me

My love for real estate spans generations.  Both my father and grandfather were investors in real estate.  For my grandfather, it was part of his American Dream.  He and my father invested in multi-family houses.  I used to love helping them as a child, painting, meeting with plumbers and electricians, and keeping up with the properties.  Eventually, my father, who also had a small business, invested in commercial property.  I became involved in his business, which was a hair salon.  It taught me every aspect of customer services.  Being a creative type, I went to college for fine arts.  After graduation, I went back into the family business.  I would help my dad with remodeling and decorating.  These endeavors would reinforce my love for real estate.

Through the years, I have owned both residential and commercial properties.  Some of them only needed slight cosmetic work, while others were full renovation jobs, and I enjoyed it all.  One of my daughters caught the real estate bug from me, and she is an agent in New York!

My husband and I relocated to South Carolina from New York..  We love what this state has to offer, from the pristine beaches and the sparkling rivers to the scenic countryside and bustling cities.  There is something for everyone!